There is no shortage of reasons to be cynical in Lebanon, but the Lebanese rise above the hardships with an impeccable sense of humor. 

They often take to social media to share their humorous takes on the latest updates in the country's ever-bewildering political scene, posting tweets, memes, and comics that are both witty and hilarious. 

Want an insight into Lebanese politics? These 13 posts will do the trick:

1. First things first, corruption is in full force

Lebanon scored 28/100 on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index... enough said.

2. Funds get stolen ... and so do slogans

"I guess the Aounists use the same copywriter as Ariel 🤣" Source: Twitter/GinoRaidy

Politicians have their own rendition of Ariana Grande's "7 Rings," and it goes something like: "You like my slogan? Gee, thanks, just stole it. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it."

3. Ah, so many reasons to maintain hope

"Towards a country with a bright future filled with joy and hope."

4. An accurate depiction of how the country is ruled

"تقاسم السلطة" Source: Twitter/mawtoura

"The division of power."

5. Joke of the century: Thinking elections would result in concrete change

We've had the same political class run the country for decades, and these rulers are widely believed to be sinking the public further into a cycle of debt, corruption, and violence.

6. Forever stuck in the 1990s

"Stagnant" is an understatement.

7. Debates surrounding personal status laws are on a whole other level of appalling

"Him: Why do you get angry whenever someone hopes you get married soon? They are hoping you find joy and start a family.

Her: Thanks, my dear, for their good intentions. But if you take a look at the personal status laws, you would realize that they are wishing me misery rather than happiness." 

8. Leaders' priorities are questionable, to say the least

So, Lebanese religious authorities are against civil marriages, but underage ones are okay?

9. We're still debating basic human rights ... in 2019

But, to be fair, activists have made significant strides in recent years.

10. A country as floppy as this minister's plant

"How can you tell if an environment minister is powerful? From the plant in his office."

But, rest assured, the country's new environment minister Fady Jreissati replaced the wilting plant as soon as he took office.

11. Lebanese have very strong sentiments towards their rulers

Can you blame us?

12. The real garbage crisis

How else would they explain the "garbage mountains" that have been spreading across Lebanon since the 1990s?

13. "Changing a light a bulb" jokes just aren't our thing

24-hour electricity is still a foreign concept.