Barely halfway through the month and you're already counting down the days until your next paycheck? Join the club!

Being broke is no fun, but you're definitely not alone. Many Arabs have taken to social media to poke fun at their financial status and remind us that we're all on the same (cheap) boat.

Unless capitalism has worked in your favor and you've never experienced money troubles, here are 13 Arab tweets and memes that will make you laugh, and then cry:

1. Desperate times call for desperate measures

2. You just can't relate to motivational quotes

"Third richest man in the word: Money doesn't buy happiness.

Second poorest man in the world: Eat crap."

3. Your music changes throughout the month ...

4. So does the quality of your purchases

5. Team 'Waraa Enab' all the way

"When you love sushi but you can't afford it."

6. You're too broke to just "stay positive"

"When you are broke, gaining weight, losing friends, still single, and then someone tells you, 'It's alright. Stay positive.'"

7. Your Eid plans look something like this

8. You love spending quality time with your family ... because it's free

9. You just can't be as romantic as you'd like to be

10. You live for kind gestures from your parents

Text reads: "If you want money, my wallet is by the computer. Take as much as you want."

11. Waiting for your paycheck is the epitome of an extreme sport...

"When I remember I have to wait one more week to get my paycheck."

12. And so is figuring out how you spent all your money

"When you spend your entire paycheck at the beginning of the month and do not know what you spent it on."

13. It's all fun and games until you make it to the ATM machine

"When you insert your credit card in the ATM machine and pray it still contains money."