In our digital age, modern technology and social media have made it possible for anyone to produce and share their own content, creating a climate for independent musicians to thrive.

This climate has been especially beneficial for aspiring musicians in the Arab World, where lack of innovation and profitability have come to dominate mainstream music controlled by major corporations, as it gave them space to create a new music scene.

Have a listen to these 13 unique musicians and bands from Egypt who have built their audiences from the ground up.

1. Hawas - Folk Jazz Fusion

2. Dina El-Wedidi - Oriental Arabic Fusion

3. Hussein Sherbini - Electronic Rap

4. Yousra El-Hawary - Indie Folk

5. Darwasha Project - Oriental Rock/Metal

6. Maryam Saleh - Alternative Rock

7. Madina - Rock Jazz Fusion

8. Mai Waleed - Indie Rock

9. Masar Egbari - Indie Rock

10. Code Masr - Rock Fusion

11. Hawidro - Afro Egyptian Fusion

12. Cherine Amr - Pop Rock

13. Salalem - Rock Fusion