There's nothing better than tuning in to some Arabic songs on the week leading up to Christmas and of course on the day of. We've all come to know songs like Jingle Bells and 'Tis the Season, but there's a lot of spirit waiting to be unleashed in Arabic. Have a listen to these 13 Arabic Christmas songs to lift your spirits up this holiday season:

1. Laylet Eid- Fairouz

2. Helwe Al A3yad- 3azar Habib

3. Dawe b Layali Sa3eeda- Nadim Barbaari

4. Yalla Yalla Ya Ghizlaan

5. Farah w Zeena- Pascale Sakr

6. El youm Laylet 3eed el Milad

7. Jaye Papa Noel- Pascale Sakr

8. Jras El Eid- Salwa Katrib

9. 3am Yenzal Al Thalj- Pascale Sakr

10. Sawt El Eid- Fairouz

11. Afrah Al Milad- Salwa Katrib

12. Jaye Al Layleh Yasoo3- Julia Boutros

13. Talj Talj - Fairouz

Merry Christmas to you all :)