Egyptian legend Umm Kalthoum has long been an inspiration to the Arab world and those who admire good quality tarab. 

Known for her signature handkerchief in hand and marathon "operatic" concerts, the "Star of the Orient" was loved by the masses, making her one of the most popular Arab singers of all times.

It's common for the iconic singer to earn her place as a muse to many artists, performers, and people in fashion all around the Arab world.

Here are 12 times art revolved around Umm Kalthoum:

1. Graffiti in the streets of Beirut

3. Scarves

4. Immortalized in art

Paris-based artist Asaad Arabi
Paris-based artist Asaad Arabi Source: The Digital Duchess

5. A dubstep remix of Umm Kalthoum's "Enta Omry"

6. Kitchenware turned into art

7. A statue in Egypt as a tribute

8. Mural art in Dubai

9. A trance remix of "Enta Omry"

10. A coffee shop with Umm Kalthoum as its theme

11. Wall portraits as interior decoration in Amman

12. Tattoos to keep the Egyptian legend alive