We are all grateful to our parents and the efforts they put into raising us. However, some things made us suffer a little …

1. Inshallah

sf parents nchalla

A definite NO …

2. Leh?

sf parents leh

The never-ending chain of "why" questions …

3. Heik

sf parents heik

This is their usual answer to our "leh" question, only we're not allowed to use it!

4. Meen ma'ak/ma'ik

sf parents meen

All of a sudden, they don't know any of your friends and everyone is new to them; this also involves naming each and every person present with you during your outing.

5. M'akhar/M'akhara?

sf parents m2akhar

One answer allowed: la2.

6. Aayb

sf parents 3ayb

Everything they don't like is Aayb … everything.

7. The Asfoura


The mystical, powerful Lebanese bird that kept telling them our whereabouts and rule-breaking outings …

8. La wein?

sf parents la wein

I just told you where I'm going! Why do you keep asking me as if the destination will change?!

9. Hala bitshuf

sf parents halla2 bitshuf

You're doomed – coupled with a hand gesture of two fingers attached to the thumb …

10. Starje

sf parents starje

Don't fight it kiddo, accept what you cannot change.

11. Ma khasne

sf parents blame

"Mom, can I go out?"

"Ask your dad."

"Dad, can I go out?"

"Ask your mom."

This is fun …

12. Fetheen hotel?

sf parents hotel

Expect this one if you went out more than three times a week …