Saudi students abroad have a whole lot to miss. This is for you ya jama3at al kheir!

1. Al Barr outings with the family

Desert camping is one of the best experiences you can have if you are in Saudi Arabia. The stars are bright, the campfire warm, and the desert oh-so-quiet. It's also a place where you can test your limits, like so. 

2. Ramadan comedy

Who doesn't miss watching Tash ma tash and Selfie with the family? Dancing to the theme songs were of course a plus :') 

3. Arabic coffee

The smell of spiced Arabic gahwa will surely trigger your nostalgia. It is poured from a traditional Arabian coffee pot called a dallah, and served in small cups, usually alongside a plate of fresh dates. YUM! 

4. Kleeja

Those Saudi Arabian cardamom biscuits from the Al-Qassim region. They are super popular in the Gulf, and for good reason! 

5. Al Baik!

I mean, what's not to miss? 

Even Egyptians ask family members coming from Jeddah to bring them a meal from al Baik! 

6. Finding friends willing to be crazy with you!

Crazy enough to do this!!! 

7. Finding people that actually know how many greeting kisses to give!

Only one? Saudis are more sociable than that! 

It's either one kiss on each cheek, or 3 on the same one . 

8. Having someone calling you ya taweel al omr!

9. The breathtaking Taif mountains... and monkeys

Mountain roads

Yes, monkeys in Saudi Arabia!

10. Hearing your mom saying : Kabsa is ready!

Especially with chicken!  

11. Incense

Who doesn't miss that mabkhara that you're welcomed with whenever you visit a friend? Arab hospitality at its finest! 

12. Road trips to Mecca and Medina

Need I say more?

Nostalgic yet?