With her angelic voice and almost 30 years in music, the beloved Egyptian singer Angham has cemented her place in Arabic music as one of the all-time best-selling female artists in the Middle East.

In celebration of her birthday, Jan. 19, we reflect back on her amazing career with 12 songs that are sure to make you fall in love with her mesmerizing voice all over again.

1. Shantet Safar (1993)

"Shantet Safar", one of Angham's earliest songs, showed off her range of vocal abilities and became one of her all-time classics.

2. Ya Tayeb (1991)

Like "Shantet Safar", "Ya Tayeb" was one of the key songs in Angham's career that established her position as a soul singer in modern Arabic music.

3. Sidi Wesalak (2001)

"Sidi Wesalak" was one of the most successful hits of Angham's career, as well as one of her most confessional songs, which made it all the more relatable.

4. Omri Maak (2003)

The feel-good song was also one of the biggest hits of Angham's career, "Omri Maak" saw the singer take new directions with her music as well, incorporating more Western sounds into her classical Arabic music.

5. Albak (2005)

"Albak" saw Angham revisit some of her soul roots and became on of the singer's most recognizable ballads.

6. Kol Ma Na'arab (2007)

"Kol Ma Na'arab" was one of Angham's most critically acclaimed singles, it proved for many the singer's ability to continue to evolve her musical styles without losing the overall tone of her music.

7. Mabata'lemsh (2007)

"Mabata'lemsh" became one of Angham's most popular heartbreak ballads and one of her modern classics.

8. Asky Lemeen (2007)

Angham's remake of iconic Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir's classic combines her own iconic voice with the original song's beautiful lyrics.

9. Nefsy Ahebak (2009)

"Nefsy Ahebak" saw Angham take even more chances with her different musical styles while still retaining her signature vocals.

10. Agmal Makan (2013)

"Agmal Makan" saw Agham take yet another leap with her style as she evolved into her current sound, and yet again she did it without compromising her lyrics or delivery.

11. Sanda Aleik (2015)

The jazz-infused song, which the singer released for Valentine's Day, became another hit for Angham as she started her 28th year in music.

12. Akteblak Ta'ahod (2015)

The heartbreak ballad, which saw the singer incorporating jazz melodies again, became one of the most popular songs off of Angham's latest album "Ahlam Barya" . It further reassured her fans that their "queen of soul" wasn't skimping on quality anytime soon.