Songs have a tendency to become either a hit or miss. In the case of it being a hit, it's a good thing. It only becomes problematic when that hit is overplayed on radio stations. In the last few years, some hit songs have been so overplayed on Lebanese radio stations that it made us thankful for having our own iPods and iPhones, so we can avoid the radio altogether.

1. Get Lit – Hizzy

If you made it through the entire song without cringing even once, congratulations!

2. Black eyed peas – My Humps

I'll give Fergie some credit. We really did love her humps.

3. Sean Paul – Get Busy

4. Massari – Real love

Remember him? He caused a craze in the early and mid 2000s.

5. Karl Wolf – Butterflies

This guy was also one of the biggest sex symbols in the mid 2000s. It was a tie between Massari and Karl Wolf.

6. Massari – Be easy

7. Far East Movement- Like a G6

8. Sak Noel- Loca people

Five years later, it's still an annoying song

9. Rihanna – Work


10.  Fifth Harmony- Worth it

11. Calvin Harris & Disciples – How deep is your love?

Not deep enough to make me love or even tolerate this horrible song.

12. Rihanna – B**** better have my money

B***** I don't have your money!