The countdown to Ramadan has officially begun! 

Some are already excited about the holy month ... but for the majority of us? We're just not ready yet. 

The holy month requires a completely different mindset, and it usually starts off with a dose of optimism ... until day 11. That's when the exhaustion sets in. 

Before you completely lose your energy ... here are a few memes that will make you LOL now, but will make you cry when the holy month actually begins.

1. First day VS. last day of Ramadan ... as per Barack Obama

2. The stages of fasting ... as told by WWE

3. Learning that thirst is just a psychological state

4. Waiting for iftar be like

5. The struggle is real though

6. Your life during Ramadan in a nutshell

7. You try to keep it halal with your dates ...

8. Dealing with certain questions ... all day, every day

9. Some friends like to shove it in your face

10. Your sense of smell heightens during the month

11. Whoever told you the gym was the only way to build leg muscles ... was lying

12. But ... time really does fly. Remember that when Ramadan begins!