As Arabs, we all know that 'khara,' or 'shit' in Arabic, is a word of many uses. 

It's a versatile word we often use to describe a bad day or stop people from saying nonsense. 

Now you might think it only exists in the Arabic language, but you're wrong, because in countries around the world, 'khara' is an actual word that holds completely different meanings.

And it's understandable and quite obvious that some people have no idea what it means in our language. 

Here are a few of them: 

1. The man who owns this practice

2. The person who shared this vegan recipe online

3. The head of this animation studio

4. The make-up artist whose first name is...

5. The owner of 'Khara Foods'

6. The creator of this song

7. The owner of this store

8. Everyone who snacks on 'Khara Boondi'

9. The host of this TV show

10. The head of this association

11. People who live in Khara city, Nepal

Source: mapcarta

12. And the person who created a perfume inspired by the beautiful city