Ever been so hungry yet so broke? We've all been there & luckily street food is here to save us. Although this list is not limited to these specific places, these 12 meals in Lebanon will with no doubt satisfy all your cravings for less than $5.

1. Falafel sandwich at Falafel Sahyoun

Get a sandwich for 3,000 LBP to 3,500 LBP.

2. Man2oushe at Snack Faysal

Depending on the flavor, price ranges between 1,500 LBP to 7,000 LBP.

3. Foul at Malek El Foul

Get a plate of foul medamas for 5,000 LBP.

4. Ka3ek from Abu Arab

Price ranges between 1,000 LBP and 3,250 LBP depending on the flavor.

5. Arnabit Sandwich at Arax

Depending on the size of the sandwich, price is either 3,000 LBP or 4,000 LBP.

6. Chicken or Meat Shawarma at Barbar

For 4,000 LBP.

7. Hot Dog at Charlie's

For 6,000 LBP, a hot fresh off the grill hot dog with all your favorite toppings.

8. A dozen spinach pies at Snack Faysal

For just 6,500 LBP.

9. Chicken tawouk at Malek El Tawook

Ranging from 5,000 LBP to 6,000 LBP.

10. Turkey and cheese at Comsi Comsaj

For just 6,000 LBP.

11. Hamburger at Hani's Snack

For just 4,500 LBP.


12. Large Roasted Chicken Sandwich at Farrouj Al Abdallah

An entire farrouj for just 6,000 LBP.

Photo source: Zomato
Source: Zomato