If you live in the Arab world, you know millions here believe in a concept known as the "evil eye". Basically, it's something we all use to explain why bad things happen to us.

Over time, Arabs have developed a few creative ways to deal with the supposed vicious eyes. Here are a few of the most hilarious ones:

1. They put a "kharze zar2a" everywhere... literally

A blue bead on your nails = weapon against the evil eye.

2. And scatter protective seb7as in their homes

Extra protection.

3. They wear the kharze as jewelry

Precautions, precautions.

4. And paint it on vehicles

Source: Gramha

It's already on everything else... so why not?

5. They knock on wood

After every compliment.

6. They spit on each other

Tof tof... kesh barra w b3eed (Spit spit... may evil be cast away)...

7. They use hand gestures

Yes... because that'll block an evil eye.

8. And use bukhoor as a form of protection

Better safe than sorry.

9. They say things like...

Words are powerful against the evil eye... or so do Arabs believe.

10. And this...

"There's a wooden rod in an evil eye... and tomorrow it'll be eaten by worms." 

Pretty chilling if you ask us.

11. Not to forget this...

"May an evil eye be overturned." 

12. They do a "sabbe" to break the evil eye off

Yes... they put lead in a pot and heat it up until it bursts. That's all you need to fend off an evil eye. Or so they say.