Adrenaline junkies, this post is for you.

Lebanon might be world famous for its awesome nightlife. But if you're bored of spending every weekend drinking and dancing to forget the problems, here are some suggestions to spice up your weekends.

We scoured Lebanon and came up with this list of 12 epic – and extreme – activities you'll definitely want to try. Unless your'e too chicken?

1. Paragliding

Perhaps the best view of Lebanon is an aerial one. As you soar above the green mountains and the blue sea, you'll look down and feel like a film landscape is unfolding beneath you. Those tiny houses and cars couldn't possibly be real! Just make sure you float back to reality before the landing. Check here for more details.

2. Paintballing

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, grab a few friends and head to any one of the numerous paintball venues scattered throughout the country. Just try not to take it personally when your best friend accidentally shoots you in the head. Or was that an accident? Check here and here for venues.

3. Cliff diving

Caution is definitely advised but several locations throughout the country offer excellent places for cliff diving. If you're afraid to dive on your first attempt, a simple jump – you can close your eyes, its okay – is definitely enough to get the blood pulsing harder.

4. Whitewater rafting

This is another activity to gather your crew for. With teamwork and a little bit of skill, you'll be able to survive the rough waters and perhaps even make it out with some good pictures to add to the fun memory. Find more information here .

5. Skiing and snowboarding

There are only two or three months a year when you can hit the powder in Lebanon, so make sure to jump at the chance while you can. It may not be the Alps but hey, considering the Mediterranean is just a short road trip down the hill, these slopes definitely impress. Find information here .

6. Surfing

There may not always be waves in Lebanon but when they come, avid surfers hit them hard. You don't have to be an expert. Everyone falls their first time. Just make sure your friends are ready on shore to snap photos when you finally manage to catch a wave. Find details here .

7. Wakeboarding and waterskiing

In the summer, its all about enjoying the Mediterranean. Although the beach is nice, its more exciting to head out into the open water and challenge your balancing skills while speeding behind the boat. You may not be doing flips your first try, but hang in there and you just might get there with some practice. Find information about lessons here .

8. ATV riding

Head off the beaten path and get adventurous as you explore Lebanon's incredible mountain scenery riding an ATV. You don't have to do stunts your first time out, just enjoy the rocky and green landscapes in a new and exciting way. Find information about rentals and excursions here .

9. Scuba diving

Head away from shore and explored the depths of Lebanon's Mediterranean coast. Find relics from the past and encounter sea life up close and personal. For information about learning to dive visit here and here .

10. Rock climbing

Whether you're an experience climber or just wanting to get into the sport, you can find your level in Lebanon. From indoor climbing walls to practice to great outdoor climbs, you'll be climbing with the best of them in no time. To find ways to get involved with rock climbing visit here and here .

11. Bungee jumping

Throughout the summer you can find bungee jumping sites at various festivals and temporary events throughout the country. Take that leap of faith and feel the adrenaline rush stronger than ever before as you watch the ground closing in. Don't worry, they definitely replace the cable at least every time it breaks. Find more details here .

12. Flyboarding

Get involved with the latest trendy water sport and shoot yourself more than 10 meters into the air on a flyboard. Enjoy hovering over the waves and later relish in the awesome videos that are sure to make your friends envious. Find more information here .

BONUS: Driving in traffic

Let's admit it. One of the most extreme adventures anyone can have in Lebanon is simply heading out into traffic. The government may have said  it would start enforcing the driving laws but as its hands have been rather tied with figuring out how to dispose of the country's garbage, we aren't expecting much change anytime soon. So, take a deep breath and try to enjoy the adventure. YOLO after all. . .