Arabs are in a league of their own when it comes to creatively naming a business, restaurant or store.

Walk around any street in any Arab country and you're bound to come across a few hilarious store signs that'll certainly get your attention. 

Here are a few of them: 

1. The name that has a pretty savage meaning in Arabic

"You're shittier." 

Depends on how you read it. 

2. When you don't know what to call your business

"I still haven't named it." 

3. The store that has different names in Arabic and English

Because?? No one knows. 

4. Why not grab a bite from Mahdonelz?

5. Or from "spoil your belly"

6. Get your cell fixed here

"The Stupid for mobile services." 

7. Our restaurants have the best names

"The Mule Restaurant Company." 

8. Here's proof

"Mom, serve us lunch. Dad, serve us dinner." 

9. Drink up at ...

"Hajj Garbage Refreshments." 

10. Cockroach... because why not?

11. Imagine a party at this venue

"'Marry him off, he'll come to his senses' event hall."

12. One of the most popular street food eateries in Egypt

"The Donkey."