If someone throws the usual "but it's a punny one" while describing a joke, walk away. However, this doesn't mean all puns are cliché and uninteresting. On the contrary, some are extremely witty and funny at times. 

For example, Arabs know their way around creating puns, especially when combining English and Arabic words.   

From the lame to the sarcastic, here are a few combinations that are sure to make you LOL: 

1. On Charlie Sheen and last names

2. On surprises

3. On celebrities and their funny names

4. On one-letter replacements

5. On naps and good sleep

6. On the real meme

7. On astonishment

8. On breakups

9. On creativity levels

10. On iconic Arab pun memes

11. On one space making all the difference

12. On pun poems that sum it all up