Just like landscape photography tells the stories of beautiful nature, urban photography tells the stories of beautiful cities.

And the Middle East, home to some of the world's greatest cultures and architectural heritage, has its fair share of beautiful cities, worthy of visual documentation.

These are 12 incredible urban Instagrammers in the Middle East that will remind you how beautiful cities can be.

1. Sezgi Olgac

Using brilliant technique and sharp composition, Olgac transforms the streets of Istanbul into art.

2. Ali El-Faziki

El-Faziki captures the heartbeat of city life in Morocco, one subject at a time.

3. Yakubanto

Dubai's stunning visual appeal looks nothing short of spectacular in Yakubanto's photos.

4. Dalia Khamissy

Khamissy shows us Beirut from her unique perspective.

5. Nour Kamal

Kamal searches for color and symmetry in the chaos of Cairo, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

6. Ahmet Erdem

Just like his description says, Istanbul is his girl, but Erdem travels around the Middle East just enough to show us his talent in the rest of its beautiful cities too.

7. Catherine El-Khoury

El-Khoury documents the streets of Beirut with ease and technique.

8. Hamid Belahmidi

Belahmidi makes Casablanca look like the city of your dreams.

9. Habiba El-Gendy

El-Gendy show us the vibrant Cairo in all its glory.

10. Sarah Dea

Dea's lens captures a different side of Dubai that is just as interesting as its flashing skyscrapers.

11. Ciler Gecici

Gecici's Istanbul is gorgeous in every single photo.

12. Bud Corp

Corp documents Lebanon's stunning architecture with elegance and style.