Who still uses cheesy pick up lines? They are the opposite of romantic and flattering... more like cheesy, annoying, and just a major turn off. They never really worked and that's not going to change anytime soon. But I guess, lots of Lebanese men still find the need to use them from time to time. Here are 11 of the worst pick up lines from Lebanese men:

1. Shu ya 7elo

What's cracking, pretty woman?

shu ya 7elo

2. Fee mennik 3a Jello?

Didn't you hear? I come in all shapes and sizes and flavors.


3. Btetakali bala mili7

You're edible the way you are, no salt or pepper needed.


4. Shu hal jasad ya asad

Yes, I come as a lion...feisty!


When you try and give them a compliment for a change...

5. 3yoonek l 7elween

Why can't you just take a compliment & say thanks!


6. Shu hal kanze ya 3anze

Not sure calling me a goat is a good thing. Yeah, NO, it's not.


7. Ana m2akad emmik na7le

My mom's the queen bee?


And then they explain to you...

8. 3ashen ma fee atyab min heik... zay l 3asal

That it's because you're just as sweet as honey...


9. Shu hal zaher ... byo2har 2aher

So, should I just stop wearing pink?


10. Shu hal nattah ya battah?

Calling me a duck? How do you like me now?


11. Shu hal rouge ya farrouj

Using chicken as a reference to pick up girls really just makes you a chicken.