Unfortunately, sexual innuendos, rape jokes and threats are common pick up lines used in modern Egyptian society. For the life of me, I have no idea why men think these "pick up" lines would work.

1. "Mateegi w negeeb Meleegy."

It has no literal translation. However, it basically means "let's get to bed together and have a child named Meleegy."

2. "El helwa merwa7a wala masla7a."

I am not exactly sure why Egyptian men think this would on anyone but this "pick up line" translates to "hey cutie, are you going home or are you waiting to get picked up?" Just no.

3. "Mateegi fel taboot w negeeb Hatshepsut."

"Let's go to a Pharaoh's tomb and have a kid named Hatshepsut." Could you just not?

4. "Mateegi aroo7 feki fy dahya."

"Come, I want to go to jail because of you." Though the literal translation makes no sense whatsoever, the phrase implies that the man wouldn't mind ending up imprisoned for forcing himself on a woman. I am sure they'll feel differently once met with brick on the face.

5. "Ya safaye7 el zebda el say7a."

"Oh, barrels of melted butter!" What butter has to do with women is unclear.

6. "Hati hetta ya bet."

"Give me a piece of that, girl." The only piece you'll be getting is a foot where the sun doesn't shine.

7. "7elwa zay el 2eshta."

Only a creep would tell you that "you're as tasty as cream."

8. "Gamila zay el ghazal."

Image Source: Wersm

Image Source: Wersm

"You're as beautiful as a deer." Well, I can kick as hard too.

9. "Ew3a weshak."

"Watch out for your face." Too late, I already saw yours.

10. "Ya mewala3aha."

The literal translation is "you set it on fire." Set what on fire, no one knows.

11. "2ata3 alby 2ata3."

"Chop my heart. Chop it." Gladly.