In Lebanon, it's hard to go on dates that don't follow the usual formula of dinner and a movie, especially for those of us in the city. But, Lebanon is actually full of undiscovered gems where you can take your S.O. to have a truly magnificent time, and some of these places are probably ones neither you or your date have been to before.

If you're struggling to find a new adventure for a date, here are 11 things you can do in Lebanon.

1. Picnic in Horsh Beirut

You can bring your own food and set out on an adventure in this gorgeous park in Beirut, where you and your date are bound to have an awesome time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Sightsee in Baalbek

You can go on a guided tour through the Roman ruins, or just explore them on your own together. It's also pretty cool that less than an hour away is Ksara, where you can go wine tasting with your date, or visit the original Tabliyit Massaad in Zahle.

3. Go through the souk in Saida

You can go through the beautiful tunnel-like souk of Saida with your date to feel like you went on a trip through time. In Saida, you can also visit Hamam El Ward, the soap museum, and have delicious seafood by the port.

4. Visit the Sursock Museum

The gorgeous exterior of the old castle in Ashrafieh may be misleading, because as soon as you enter you feel like you're in one of the modern art exhibits of Europe. This place will give you and your date your fix of art, from modern art to photographs and paintings dating back hundreds of years. There is also a tiny café right outside where you can have an awesome time with your date.

5. Swim in Chouwen River

Called Jannet Chouwen in Arabic, this place is literally a little piece of heaven on earth.The beautiful lake in Jounieh is a great place for a swim, with clear blue water and wonderful trees all around it, under which you can have a great picnic in the shade.

6. Discover the old streets of Deir El Qamar

This town seems to have popped right out of a history book with its paved streets, old houses (most of which you can go into) and the oldest mosque in Mount Lebanon. The winding streets will captivate you and your date as you walk through the town.

7. Experience beautiful villages in Anfeh

Instead of taking your date to Greece, you can just head to Koura! You'll find villages such as Taht El Rih, dotted with blue houses and seafood restaurants, and lit up by the blue clear water. Whether you go in the morning for a day at the beach or at night for a beautiful party by the sea, you two will never believe you're still in Lebanon.

8. Go rock climbing in Tannourine

In Tannourine, Balou Balaa is a sinkhole with beautiful rock formations you and your date can climb. You can also go on a hike around town, and see the beautiful sights of Balaa.

9. Have an undersea adventure in Tyre

In Tyre, you can enjoy the restaurants and the beautiful resorts on the beach, but you can also go underwater for a date you'll never forget. Bring your date - and your snorkeling kit - to Tyre to discover the wonders of the clear sea, where you're bound to find turtles and all sorts of fish. You can also rent a kayak to roam around the small islands dotted across the sea.

10. Uncover history in Riyaq

You can find old trains and visit the old train station in Riyaq. The beautiful ruins have disintegrated into the nature surrounding them to form a beautiful union between natural and mechanic. Right next to the trains, you will also find a wonderful restaurant serving traditional Lebanese food, with a delicious new take on grilled chicken.

11. Go on an aimless road trip

Wherever you end up, you're bound to find a wonderful place with great food, great people, and great sights! So worry not, and discover the country with your S.O., because no matter what you find, it's going to be great!