A Sandstorm is taking over the UAE today, but that shouldn't worry any Dubaian out there. You know these sandstorms way too well to ever let them get their way. Here are 11 tweets that prove what life is really like when a sandstorm decides to stop by Dubai:

1. You like to think your sandstorms are sponsored by others

2. And you give up car-washing because every time you do ... a sandstorm says hello!

3. Spotting the difference between fog & sandstorms slowly turns into a skill

4. Distinguishing between mini and big sandstorms is a piece of cake

5. & getting creative with your metaphors is a must

6. Although Dubai looks great most days, sandstorms occur most days too

7. To the point where it's evolved into an art...

8. Sandstorms anywhere in the world automatically remind you of Dubai

9. And well NO FILTER needed..it's all natural baby

10. But no matter how used to it you are, you always question whether your plans will get ruined

11. Till you realize, no sandstorm in the world could ever disrupt your life...

Stay safe!