If you wear the hijab, you know shopping for decent clothes is not the simplest thing in the world, especially when you live in a country where summer is basically the only season.

Still, hijab doesn't need to come at the expense of fashion. These 11 women put that on full display:

1. Rocking the pastels ... because fall

2. Olive on beige

3. Floral printed skirt blowing through the wind

4. Pulling a classical look with silky red and creamy white

5. The fur adds chic to a simple outfit

6. Black and white stripes, conservative yet edgy

7. Dressed in long side-cut shirts

8. We all know how difficult it is to pull off mustard yellow, but the blue hijab adds a redeeming touch

9. Just a casual day looking glam

10. Black and white checkers, and a bit of that Audrey Hepburn glow

11. Nude colors never looked so lively