The Beirut International Awards Festival  is an annual event honoring distinguished personalities and figures from all over the world.

This year, the event gained a lot of publicity prior to the event, basically because of that red carpet that appeared all around Beirut. People didn't shy away from expressing their thoughts on social media.

Here are 11 things that perfectly round it up.

1. Prior to the event, a Lebanese blogger pointed out the typo in lifestyle magazine, MAG Lebanon, where Guinness World Record was spelled as "genius"...

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

2. But despite that, it's being reviewed by the records management team and may possibly make it into the record book

3. Lots were just mocking the whole thing altogether...

4. And pointing out what a waste it was...

5. And some just expressed their thoughts in a few words

6. Then the event came along... and of course there was a selfie bar

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

7. And some interesting wardrobe choices

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

8. Basically, fashion at #BIAF summed up:

9. But anjad it wasn't all that bad

10. Turkish-German actress/model Meryam Uzerli made an appearance

11. And blew everyone away