Growing up in Dubai is pretty much the same as growing up anywhere in the Middle East, except it's not. There is something about the city that really gets you attached, and all those who didn't grow up there will never understand.

People have shared their own experiences under the hashtag #GrowingUpInDubai... and if you did too, there's no way you can't relate.

1. This is what your meals looked like

2. Your circle of friends is somewhat international

3. You constantly have to deal with ignorance

4. Global village is the answer for when you miss traveling... but can't afford it

5. Because almost everything is pretty expensive

6. Except Oman chips! All day, every day

7. Playing outside in the summer heat is not an option

8. And winter has a totally different meaning in the city

9. Technology sometimes fails you

10. This mall ... for purposes other than shopping

11. But, life is made all the better with Chai Karak!