Coming from a country that barely has its spot on the world map, getting asked some outrageous questions about Lebanon when meeting foreigners is bound to happen quite often. We know the media plays a huge role in this due to its lack of coverage and more often than not, coverage of just the negative. Here are 11 of the craziest things I've been asked about Lebanon:

1. Where did you get your cat? Do you guys have pet shops?

pet shops

2. What do you do for fun?

what do you do

3. Oh, you have movie theaters?


4. And drive actual cars?

drive cars

5. So, camels and donkeys are not your go-to mode of transportation?


6. Wait, so you guys have American Eagle?

american eagle

7. And international restaurant chains... like McDonalds?

local shops

8. Wait, and your restaurants serve bacon? Like actual bacon?


9. How are you living in a war zone?


10. Is Lebanon in Africa?

Lebanon Africa

But then you ask them, if they know Beirut....

11. And that's when the light bulb turns on (sometimes) ... "Ohhhhh, Beirut!!! That's in Lebanon?"