Everything in the Arab world revolves around fate. Our parents, grandparents and friends constantly remind us that sometimes things just aren't meant to be. 

"Ma feesh naseeb," is basically every person's go-to explanation when things don't turn out the way they want to. 

And if you're a woman, "naseeb" usually refers to one specific thing: marriage. 

There is no one who gets harassed with questions about "marriage" more than us women, and that involves endless lectures on "naseeb." 

Twitter users definitely get the struggle, and have made peace with it using humor. 

If you still haven't found "the one" ... you're in for a treat.

1. When you're desperately looking for your naseeb ... but you've kinda lost hope

2. But ... you try to be patient

3. When you think your love story can be a replica of those on the internet

4. Your grandpa has found his naseeb four times ... and you zero

5. When you find out what naseeb actually means ...

6. ME: "I don't post bad pictures what if my naseeb follows me" ... Also ME:

7. You feel like a hopeless case ... so you envision meeting a skeleton "naseeb"


9. Desperation Level: hunting for your "naseeb" in a DABKE Instagram account

10. Life in a nutshell:

11. Naseeb better "sit in front of me on dates, not right next to me"