As Lebanese, we are always proud to announce the shocking news when we coincidentally discover that someone is of Lebanese descent. However, to make this clearer, by "of Lebanese descent" we may just mean "possibly has a Lebanese ancestor and probably has a fascination with tabbouleh."

Here are 11 international celebrities that Lebanese like to claim as our own ...

1. Shakira

The Colombian singer, songwriter and dancer has Lebanese paternal grandparents.

2. Salma Hayek

The Mexican-American actress, producer and former model has Lebanese paternal grandparents.

3. Keanu Reeves

Our favorite cult film star may not have Lebanese ancestors but ... he was born in Beirut! We'll take it.

4. Vince Vaughn

Although he is known as an American actor, producer and comedian, Vaughn's grandmother on this dad's side was Lebanese.

5. Zoe Saldana

American actress Saldana may be more in touch with her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, but she has definitely noted her Lebanese ancestry as well.

6. Wentworth Miller

The American actor, famous for his role in the hit TV series "Prison Break," has Lebanese roots on his mother side.

7. Ralph Nader

Nader is an American politician, activist and lawyer who previously ran for president of the United States. He was also raised by Lebanese immigrant parents and grew up in a home where Arabic and English were spoken.

8. Mia Khalifa

Born and partially raised in Lebanon before moving with her family to the United States, Mia Khalifa was ranked the No. 1 porn star appearing on PornHub's website in 2014. Some Lebanese claim this more than others ...

9. Shannon Elizabeth

Born Shannon Elizabeth Fadal, the american actress has a Lebanese-Syrian father.

10. Gloria Estefan

OK, this one is a stretch. The Cuban-American singer, songwriter and actress is married to Emilio Estephan. He has Lebanese and Syrian ancestry ... Yaanee.

11. Tony Shalhoub

Shalhoub is an American actor and both of his parents are Lebanese!