Egyptians are universally known for their sense of humor. Growing up, it was common to hear the expression "Egyptians are light spirited" (المصري دمه خفيف) every so often. 

Naturally, our sarcasm has permeated social media too. Many of us often look to our Facebook feeds in search for a much-needed laugh after a long and tiring day at work - and it never fails! 

Here is a look at some of our wittiest contributions:  

1. Egyptian style Steve Jobs!

Remember when your teachers did that to you at your school?! 

2. We treat new Facebook features like a game!

Remember when reactions became a thing? We liked to click every button, even though they would have nothing to do with what we thought about the posts. 

3. This song!

Parodying classic love songs never fails!

4. The never-ending comparison

Picture this: You're lost on a remote Island, only to get a letter from Mama that reads: "Your cousin got lost on a bigger Island!" :P 

5. When this student danced his way to graduation

And the organizers pushed him to the stage to receive his certificate! LOL! 

6. And that moment when we need to have a word with Egypt

"This mint sells for one pound? What is going on here, Egypt? No, seriously, look at me when I'm talking to you!"

7. Love at first "like"!

Love at first sight is just too old school. Nowadays we have love at first "like"!

8. And that moment when a proverb turns into a joke and trends for 3 months!

"To the people making history, please lower your voices cause I'm playing!" 

The famous Arabic proverb, "بينما أنت تلهو احدهم يصنع مجدا," which translates to: "while you're wasting your time, someone else is making history," somehow turned into a meme.

9. This!

"Forget that there is a tricycle towing a car for a second, why is there a buffalo peeking out of a window? Fe eh ya Masr?"

10. Let's not forget the Egyptian Jon Stewart aka Bassem Youssef

"Summoning the one who shall not be named!" :D 

11. Always remember, we're not alone

Someone is always watching ;)