1- The tailor is your best friend

Wearing loose clothes sometimes means buying clothes in larger sizes, then having them shortened or tightened at the waist.

But your tailor has you covered (pun intended). He will also "hijabify" all the clothes you couldn't help but buy, from ripped jeans to see-through maxi skirts.

2- Letting go of hopelessly non-hijab friendly pieces

Hijabi gif

No one deals with (fashion) disappointment like a hijabi. You've developed a coping mechanism for all the times you think you've found the perfect piece of clothing, then realize it's too short or too tight, or has a massive slit down the side.

3- Realizing your shirt is see-through... after going back home

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Ever looked at pictures from your long day out and noticed that the shirt (or if the universe really hates you, the skirt) you were wearing was see-through?

You call up all your girlfriends and scold them for not pointing it out, but they inevitably reply "wallah I didn't notice!". You pray no one else did.

4- Having random pieces of clothing that you can't work into full outfits

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Putting an outfit together as a hijabi is real challenge, especially since they normally consist of at least three articles of clothing. Still, you're tempted to buy random fashion items even if you have no idea how to wear them.

These clothes end up hanging in the closet gathering the dust until you find the right cardigan or the matching hijab in one of your remote travels, or until your mother forces you to give them away.

5- Changing your on-point outfit because you don't have a matching hijab

Source: Tumblr

You have tens of hijabs, in every color, style and pattern. You have such a huge variety you could practically open a hijab shop. The only hijab missing...is the one you need to complete your flawless outfit. 

You know all too well that the hijab can either make or break an outfit, so you grudgingly change your clothes and embark on a pursuit to find that perfect hijab like your whole life depends on it.

6- People buy you infinity/square scarves thinking you can wear them as hijabs

Figuring out which scarves work as hijabs is a science, so we really can't blame non-hijabis for this.

7- The silk hijab dilemma: so pretty, yet so damn hard to wear

Source: Pinterest

You see all those hijabis flaunting silk scarves that flow so beautifully (if you're one of these hijabis, kudos to you!). But attempting to wear one takes a ridiculous amount of time (and pins) and you have to adjust it every five minutes.

8- Fashionable hijab-friendly evening dresses are a dying breed

The fashion industry is slowly catering to us more modest types, but not when it comes to fancy hijab-friendly dresses. The only long-sleeve maxi dresses you find are designed for old ladies in the 90s. 

So you patiently work with your tailor and unleash your creativity. 

9- And so are modest workout clothes

Emirati Olympic weighlifter Amna al Haddad
Emirati Olympic weighlifter Amna al Haddad Source: Facebook

Really, how hard is it for active-wear companies to produce long-sleeve shirts?

10- Finding food stains on your hijab

Your hijab doubles as a bib. No matter how carefully you try to eat, chances are you will stain your hijab. You probably won't realize you'd been walking around with a dirty hijab until you take it off.

11- The wind is not your friend

No one loves a cool breeze like us hijabis, but the wind is not our friend! 

You playing tug of war with your clothes to try to stop your skin or hair from peeping out.