Ah, the internet... the land of beauty bloggers and YouTube stars (read: life saviors) who leave no gap unfilled, no struggle un-hacked. 

Hijabis deal with their fair share of struggles in the beauty and fashion departments, so we've compiled a list of tips that will make hijabis' life much easier. 

1. Hairspray those ever-rebellious baby hairs

Tired of tucking in those hairs that keep peeping out? Just put some hairspray on your front hairs before wearing the hijab. 

2. Iron out wrinkled hijabs with a hair straightener

If your hijab needs ironing but you really can't be bothered to take out the ironing table, or if you've already put it on without noticing its edges are wrinkled, heat up your hair straightener and iron out the wrinkles. 

And if you're feeling extra lazy, just put the wrinkled hijab on the towel rack while you take a hot shower and it'll be wrinkle-free by the time you're done.

3. Wear a hijab that's a few shades lighter than your skin tone to look sun-kissed

Girl hijab beach
Source: Pinteres

You can effortlessly look tanner by wearing a light hijab. Just go for nude colors and light pinks, it works like magic. 

4. Use fabric softener wipes for a good-as-washed hijab

How many times have you needed to change your entire outfit because the only matching hijab turned out to need a wash? Thanks to this hack -- courtesy of YouTube's Daniela Biah, you won't have to worry about this again.

Just make sure to always keep some fabric softener wipes handy. They will make your hijab smell like it was just pulled out from laundry. 

5. Wear any infinity scarf as a hijab with this tutorial

Gone are the days of giving up on scarves with pretty patterns because they turned out to be infinity scarves. YouTube tutorials for the win!

6. Layer for extra modesty (and fashion)

A shirt being a tad too short for your personal hijabi standards doesn't mean that you can't buy it. You're simply up for a creativity challenge. 

Pair any short shirt with a matching, longer button-down shirt. Try to go for a plain+patterned combo for the ultimate look. Besides the added coverage, this would make your outfit all the more interesting. 

7. Dump your cotton bonnet to avoid hair loss

Cotton fabrics cause fractures and lead to hair loss along your hairline. Swap your cotton under-hijab caps for silk or satin (yes, those are quite annoying, but definitely worth it) to avoid hair-loss. 

8. Invest in a high-tech cooling scarf

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the ultimate hijabi dream was brought to life by a start-up called Veil, integrating a cooling system within the hijab.

The company sells modest sportswear, including a high-tech $22 hijab with a cooling technology that reflects off sun-rays. It's also water-repellent. 

9. Stop your safety pins from tearing your hijabs

We all die a little on the inside every time a safety pin gets stuck in one of our favorite veils and causes a massive hole in it. Luckily, French blogger Hanna MK has a brilliant hack for this.

Simply get one of the transparent rubber pieces found on the back of new earrings and insert it into the safety pin before using the latter (see above).

10. Elongate necklaces with large safety pins

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

If your hijab covers your necklace, add a couple of centimeters by connecting the necklace's ends with the largest safety pin you find. This way, you wouldn't have to compromise your perfectly-wrapped hijab for a fabulous signature accessory.

11. Say goodbye to hijab tan-lines

Source: Instagram

This is rather obvious, but very necessary. 

As hijabis, sunscreen should be our best friend, but we don't learn that until our face is 50 shades of tan. 

The next time you go to the beach, skip putting sunscreen on the edges of your face that are already lighter than the rest of it. This should even out the color a bit.