Arabs have distinct taste when it comes to food.

Known for dishes that blend unique herbs and spices -from the sweet to the savory- Arab cuisine has become somewhat revered the world over. 

But it's these combos that have us drooling today. Don't believe us?

Take a look at these epic food combinations that Arabs have created over the years: 

1. Gemar w 3asal

In many Arab countries, and especially in the Gulf, no breakfast is complete without gemar (thick cream) and 3asal (honey). In the Levant, gemar is known as ashta, and is served with honey or dates for dessert. 

2. Tamer w Laban

Simply one of the most nutritious combinations.

Famous around the Arab world, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan, this combo is a favorite.  

3. Foul w Ta3amiyya

Foul w ta3amiyya (falafel) always go hand in hand.

In Egypt, this is one of the most famous combinations.

But it's not the only one, because foul is also often teamed up with pastrami, eggs, tehina and so many other ingredients. 

4. Kebbe w Laban

Kebbe without laban just doesn't make sense. 

5. Machboos w Maraq Daqoos

A Kuwaiti specialty that is also served in many other Gulf countries, machboos is a rice based dish, that can be served with chicken, meat, fish or  vegetables.

The delicious meal often goes hand in hand with a tomato based sauce/stew called maraq daqoos. Some also add a spicy garlic/coriander sauce called ma3bouch, on the side.

If you haven't tried machboos with maraq daqoos you're truly missing out.

6. Lahme w Hummos

When you mix the iconic hummos with grilled lahme (meat) you get this mouthwatering dish! 

7. Knefe w Ka'ak

Knefe with a Ka'ake is the breakfast of champions. 

Often drizzled with sugar syrup, this combination makes for a sweet and savory meal that isn't for the faint of heart. 

8. Shawarma w Extra Toum

If you're Arab and you eat a shawarma wrap (especially chicken shawarma) without extra toum, you're not doing it right. 

People across the region also enjoy the sandwich with french fries and pickles. 

9. Tabbouleh w Khass

The Lebanese knew what they were doing when they paired tabbouleh with khass (lettuce).

10. Bayd w tomat

Bayd w tomat (egg and tomatoes) is a famous dish across the Arab world, and especially in the Gulf where the combination is a household favorite.

11. Makhlouta... the ultimate food combo


In case anyone wanted proof that Arabs are food geniuses, this dish is testament to the fact that they can literally combine anything that comes to mind and it'll still work.

Makhlouta is a Lebanese dish that combines every bean/staple that's in your pantry in one pot.

It's basically the ultimate food combo.

So how many of these winning Arab combinations have you tried?