Fasting in the overpowering Middle Eastern heat can seem like a very daunting task. When Ramadan arrives in the summer there's only one thing to do: load up on replenishing drinks after breaking the fast .

From traditional Ramadan classics to modern beverages, these 11 sugar-ridden drinks are both hydrating and refreshingly enjoyable.

1. Amar Al Din  - Apricot Juice

One of the most popular Ramadan drinks, the beloved apricot drink has a variety of health benefits. Just try not to mistake it for mango juice.

2. Tamer Hindi - Tamarind Juice 

It's really not Ramadan in the Middle East unless the smell of the Tamarind fruit is filling up the place.

3. Vimto


The perfect accompaniment to any Iftar or Sohoor.

4. Balah Bel Laban - Milk with Dates

This simple classic can be both drunk and eaten, as the dates melt perfectly in the milk creating a delicious indulgence.

5. Karkadeh - Sweet Hibiscus Tea

This hibiscus drink is very refreshing when served cold.

6. Erk Sous - Licorice Juice

"Erk Sous" is a very popular street drink in the Middle East made from liquorice. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

It is just like candy in a cup.

7. Mint Lemonade

Simple and easy to make, this light drink is perfect for Ramadan. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Simple but delicious.

8. Kharoub - Carob Juice

This traditional Egyptian invention is extremely sweet and extremely delicious at the same time.

9. Iced Tea

Ice tea is always refreshing on any summer day. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

While black tea is definitely a Ramadan mainstay, refreshing iced tea is even better to beat the summer heat.

10. Sprite

Sprite is a classic favorite on any Ramadan table. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The beloved lemon-lime soda is the perfect match for a Ramadan in the summer.

11. Khoshaf - Fruit Salad Compote

A favorite for any fruit fanatic, this popular Arab drink is almost a fruit salad. Not that anyone is mad about that.