Arab moms are everything. They're sweet, kind, loving, fickle and also maddening.You can't help but love them and get annoyed by them at the same time. Dealing with them can drive you nuts because much of what they say or do just doesn't make sense to you. It makes you wonder, because their way of thinking overlaps with the rest of humanity.

These cat gifs pretty much sum up our reactions to our Arab moms.

1.You're a girl: Don't hit, curse, scream or breathe


Don't tell me what to do!

2. Everything is eib


This is how you end up with e'ad nafseya.

3. She constantly compares you to your brothers\sisters


Doing that makes me hate them.

3. She worries and panics way too much


Shu fi?

4. She throws a slipper at you because.. hek!


5. She abuses the word Inshallah

Oh my god, does that mean she might say yes?

6. When she does make up her mind, she tells you to go ask your dad


Eno lesh el nakad?

7. She says no for no reason


Annoy me and I'll find a way to annoy you back

8. The "Ha warriki" hand gesture she does indicates that you're going to die very soon


10. She starts useless conversations at the door


11. She still talks on the phone loudly with relatives


Lower your voice! This isn't 1999!