It's the most festive time of the year; a time when people put aside their differences and focus on celebrating Christmas.

The Arab region, despite its Muslim majority, embraces this bright and colorful month, and many Muslims celebrate Christmas with their Christian neighbors and friends. 

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and look back on the festive spirit people had in the 1900s...

1. During Christmas services in Church of Nativity - Bethlehem, Palestine, 1934-1939

2. Syrian girls at Christmas ship pier, 1915

3. Christmas tree in the court of the American Colony - Jerusalem, 1934-1935

4. Rue Georges Picot - Beirut, Lebanon,1960s

Rue Georges Picot [1960s], Christmas, vintage
Source: oldbeirut

5. Christmas tree in the hall of the Old Shepherd's Hotel - Cairo, Egypt, 1910

The Christmas Tree in The Hall of The Old Shepheard's Hotel. Photo by Ullstein Bild, Cairo, Egypt, 1910.
Source: Pinterest

6. Assyrian Christmas celebration - Baghdad, Iraq,1920s

7. Christmas day - Bethlehem, Palestine, 1898-1914

8. Christmas dinner - Algeria, 1932

Christmas in Algeria, 1932
Source: Chumbleg

9. Hamra Street - Beirut, Lebanon,1970

Hamra Street – 1970

10. Man dressed as Santa - El Obeid, Sudan, 1934