The Twitterverse has taken up a new trend in recent days, in which hundreds have been voicing their so-called unpopular opinions on a specific topic. 

A thread titled "Unpopular Opinion: Muslim Opinion" began making the rounds on Twitter almost immediately after it was posted on Mar. 10. The responses in the thread shed light on controversial stances in an attempt to challenge the fundamentalist interpretations of the religion.

1. On challenging double standards

2. On compromise and marriage

3. On tolerance and acceptance

4. On prayers

5. On kindness

6. On modest clothing

7. On Muslim representation

8. On the hijab

9. On mental health awareness

In many countries all over the Arab world, the mere discussion of any mental health issue is still considered a taboo.

Thus, mental illness patients are stigmatized and are subject to social restrictions as well as misconceptions. Patients might not be informed enough to identify the problem, and even when they are, they're rarely encouraged to seek professional help.

10. On a lighter note