The underground music scene has been flourishing in Egypt and the Middle East in the past few years, as more and more young people in the Arab world have turned to music as an expressive art form.

Two particular genres that have witnessed a lot of popularity are rock and metal, with each band putting its own variation on what the genre should be or represent, even infusing some Oriental heritage tunes. These are 10 rock and metal bands from Egypt you should give a listen.

1. Darwasha Project

Darwasha is a progressive rock band that blends the core of theater musicals with oriental music and rock tunes to create a new sound. The fusion mix even includes hints of metal, providing a truly unique music experience.


Crescent was the first death-metal band in Egypt and the first Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Arab band to go the heavy metal music festival Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2014. The band previously won the local battle of the bands in Egypt and is currently working on new releases.

3. Code Masr

Codemasr is a rock fusion band that creates a blend of Egyptian contemporary rock, with a few Oriental tunes.The young rising band already has a solid fanbase and an original sound to help it grow.

4. Shutterglass Band

Influenced by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Paramore and Nirvana, Shutterglass is also a unique blend of progressive and alternative rock. Their focus is on how music can connect people and make a difference in their lives.

5. Hateful Desolation

Hateful Desolation is an atmospheric/depressive black metal band, which was formed in 2013, that mixes between black metal sub-genres and old school metal. It is now one of most active bands in Egypt in the metal genre.

6. Storm Band

Storm Band is a young oriental rock band that blends oriental fusion with contemporary rock. The band is focused on bringing back old school oriental music but with a reformed modern twist.

7. Zigzag

Zigzag is a progressive rock band that blends conceptual ideas in their music, the rising band is interested in combining poetry with music. They have previously performed at The American University in Cairo and currently working on releasing new tunes.

8. Anarchy

Anarchy is a progressive metal band, but its music is more dark than progressive. Formed in 2008, the band was one of the earliest to make it through the metal scene in Egypt and is still active, having recently released a new single Asylum that topped the African metal charts.

9. Ahl Sina

Ahl Sina is an extreme oriental metal band, founded by Amr El Zanaty to show people the "true story of Earth's creation and the message of peace." Combining heavy metal with Oriental tunes, their music also has hints of atmospheric metal, making it more unique.

10. Sinprohpecy

Sinprophecy is a doom metal band, their music tackles outrage, isolation and sadness. It is the first band to play the melodic death/doom metal genre in the Egyptian metal scene.