Driving in Egypt makes for an unforgettable experience; just like taking public transportation here, actually. 

Once you hit the road, you will see many unruly drivers, horses, donkeys, vans, taxis, and so on... all next to one another in imaginary lanes of our creation. Loud car horns will pierce your ears and disturb any kind of tranquility you're in. 

If it happens you're one of many who don't own a car, you will have the privilege of meeting all kinds of taxi drivers; the ones you can and can't possibly imagine. 

Here is a list of some types of taxi drivers you'll probably meet on the streets of Egypt:

1. The terribly slow driver

The unlucky ones are those going to an exam or meeting.

2. And the total opposite: The Need for Speed Enthusiast

It's totally normal for you to fear for your life and start praying the moment you close that door.  

3. The swearing addict

You'll either regret not walking on that day or decide to expand your swear-word dictionary. The choice is yours. 

4. The sexist

He gracefully loses his temper every time he sees a woman driving. 

5. The one who is always complaining

You know at that moment he will be asking for more money than the regular fare. 

6. The one with terrible musical taste

Your headphones come in handy when a sad, sad song comes on the radio - and he begins to sing along. 

7. The one who always confuses his taxi for a mini bus

Source: Youtube

He keeps on stopping to pick up more passengers, asking you to change your seat for them to hop in. You'll soon enough find yourself in someone's lap or crammed up in the back seat with a family of four.

8. The rumor starter

He concludes every rumor by swearing to God that it's true. 

9. The modern-day shy Romeo

He pretends to talk to a male friend till the truth slips his mouth and he says "Enti" ('You' in feminine).  

It's so hard to keep a straight face with this driver. When it's time to hang up with bae, you hear him mumbling "I have customers." It is then followed by a moment of silence, a strange nod, and he finally hangs up.

10. And best of all: The gentleman

This unicorn will ask for your permission to turn on the radio and smoke a cigarette. 

When it's time to pay for the fare, he will return the same amount of money you gave him in change, and wait for you to pay the amount you find suitable.