Surpassing a certain age limit automatically puts you on the official 3anes (spinster) list, according to family members who make sure to remind you of your single status at every occasion.

In reality, you couldn't care less because, frankly, you've had it with Arab men. Naturally, looking forward to settling with one is just not on the table...

If this resonates with you, then you will definitely relate to these hilarious tweets that will remind you that you are not alone: 

1. Some men are pretty much natural disasters

2. New Year's resolutions sponsored by disappointing Arab men

3. Feminism with a side of humor

4. Arab women really can't catch a break

5. We're done with Arab men ... and Arab aunties

6. Alexa, play "E3tazalt El-Gharam" by Majida El Roumi

7. Not to forget this epic thread

8. The Arab guy ego is our worst enemy

9. Confidence overload

10. Newsflash: