Chances are, you've heard a good joke or two about fails during fasting and a had few funny encounters at iftar. 

But when was the last time someone acknowledged suhoor? 

Known as the time period when fasting Muslims hydrate and eat a meal similar to breakfast, suhoor is actually considered a big part of what fasting really is. 

Think your suhoor habits aren't all that relatable? Well, think again. 

Here are 10 tweets about suhoor you'll think you wrote yourself. 

1. The one who's a self-proclaimed champion

Where's my medal? 

2. The one where MAC got it all wrong

Wake me up 15 minutes before fajr so I can drink water, please.

3. The one where everyone's mom just can't chill

Rise and shine! 

4. The one who's always overly dramatic

The rest of the family members have to deal with this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

5. The one who skips the most important meal of the day

Unforgivable to be honest. 

6. The one with a useless family

What exactly is the point of you? 

7. The one who gets pregnant every Ramadan

8. The one who figured it all out

Note taken. 

9. The one who can't let that MAC commercial go

Just don't do it. 

10. The one who's going to restart at the end of the month

These 30 days just don't count.