We've brought to you 10 of 2017's dumbest Arab tweets, 10 of the funniest tweets, 10 tweets about extra toum, another 10 about being a hijabi, and finally, 10 tweets that perfectly describe what it's like to have an Arab mom. 

Whether you consider Shaytan your worst enemy or your favorite homebody, here are 10 tweets about the evil of all evils guaranteed to make you laugh.

1. The one where he's been the bed monster all along

2. The one where he's responsible for your weird bodily functions

3. The one where you're canceled if you make the wrong move

4. The one where he's not really locked up in Ramadan

5. The one where he's testing you

6. The one where 50 shades has you protecting yourself... 50 times

7. The one where shaytan and men are interchangeable

8. The one where he knows his timings

9. The one where he deserves a Eid celebration too

10. The one where he's getting all his energy out