For some people, this holiday is all about checking off a certain destination off their list. Where are you going this season? Paris? London? New York? Italy? Spain? Greece? This is why we have gathered a few essential travel tips that might just make your trip a tad healthier and comfortable.

1. Precautions!


Make sure you have consulted your doctor about any necessary vaccines that you might have to do before leaving. Better safe than sorry!

2. First Aid Kit

Always keep in your hand luggage a first aid kit containing the regular and special medication for your trip (e.g. vitamins, bandaids, sterilized gauze, painkillers …). You can find one at any pharmacy.

3. Travel Insurance

Make sure you have arranged for a travel insurance because accidents are bound to happen anywhere in the world!

4. Avoid causal sex or practice safe sex

If you are sexually active, keep condoms in your wallet or purse. STDs (including HIV) aren't the kind of souvenir you want to bring home.

5. Water and food

Street food
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Be very careful where you eat or drink water, street food is one of the leading causes of viruses. Also make sure to have in your first aid kit medication for diarrhea

6. Sunscreen!

Whether you are skiing at the Alps, tanning on the shore or even biking in the mountains, apply sunscreen! The sun can be really damaging on high altitudes, over water and snow.

7. Do not play with stray animals

Animals bites can transmit Rabies (a mammal viral disease). If bitten, seek immediate help at the nearest pharmacy or hospital.

8. Stay hydrated

The plane has around 10% humidity, and that can lead to dehydration. Make sure you consume lots of water before during and after your trip.

9. Isolate yourself


When flying, get rid of the surrounding noises and light by putting on an eye mask and earplugs and try to enjoy a good nap/sleep (if flying economy, not that good!).

10. Jet lagged?

Being jet lagged involves the disruption of your circadian rhythm due to flying across different time zones. To beat jet lag, here is what you need to do:

  • Have a good night sleep before you get on the plane
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try sleeping on the plane
  • If going for a couple of days (3-4 days), make your utmost best to keep up your normal daily routine (eating, sleeping hours…)
  • When you land, sleep as much as possible during the day (take naps if necessary)

Now you can pack your bags knowing that you have taken all the necessary precautions, knowing your next moves on the plane and after you land, and that’s how you end up having a wonderful healthy and safe holiday trip!

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