That moment when you're arguing with your mom and her reasoning just does not make sense ... so you take a turn at it and ask her "tab leh?" Deep down inside, you kinda already know what her response is going to be.

Here are 10 things you just wish she wouldn't say the next time you guys get into an argument:

1. Ashen ... ayb


Like chewing gum in public or walking to the dekkene in the day'aa ... just don't even try arguing with her.

2. Heik


Like is that supposed to help me understand why you've said what you did? Because it doesn't make things even 1 percent clearer.

3. Lezim


But, the whole point of us arguing is because I don't think it's necessary for me to do what you want me to do. Here you are telling me I just have to. UGH.

4. Shu bifahmik inti

giphy (1)

Even when you're just about to have a baby yourself, you just have to be wrong, always.

5. Sma'ee menne


Yeah, that's kinda hard to do considering we're generations apart.

6. Shi mara kenit ghaltani ana?


Ok, to be fair, she kinda is almost always right. But, there's nothing wrong with learning from your own mistakes every once in a while.

7. Ashen ana emmik

giphy (1)

But, that's a mere fact, doesn't make your argument more credible, or does it?

8. Ma khassik leh


Bas mbala khasnii!!

9. El denya heik


Laaaa please not this.

10. Heik bado rabna


Of course, bringing Allah into the argument. Like khalas, she just wants to shut you up.