As the countdown for Ramadan is almost up, it is time to remind you of the things that you will definitely see or experience if you spend the holy month in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are the top 10 things you will face during Ramadan in UAE:

1. Vimto bottles will chase you everywhere you go


In the streets, in supermarkets, on TV, maybe in your dreams… seriously what is it with Vimto and Ramadan in the UAE?!

2. You'll become an expert on sunset and sunrise timing

And you will know exactly how many minutes you have to stuff yourself before suhur time ends!

3. There will always be confusion about the first day and last day of Ramadan

It is the only time of year when people don’t look silly for arguing about the size of the moon!

4. You become an authority on Ramadan and fasting


You'll be answering A LOT of questions from your none-fasting friends like: is Ramadan like Christmas? Are you allowed to brush your teeth? Can you at least drink water?

5. Some of your colleagues will become extra devout

Don’t be surprised if you see a colleague dressed in a kandoora or abaya on the first day of Ramadan... Or if they suddenly start praying during lunch hour or refrain from laughing at your usual risqué jokes.

6. Some people will become more cranky

Because they haven’t had their usual dose of caffeine and nicotine so they take it out on you or give you a nasty look if you have a coffee mug in your hand.

7. You'll discover new places in your workplace

Like that hidden staircase or abandoned rooftop where you are allowed to have your cigarette break without bothering anyone.

8. Contrary to any other month of the year, driving on Sheikh Zayed road at 7 p.m. will be the most relaxing thing you do all day.

Bring on the rush hour!

9. Some people will pretend they are fasting


Just so they can benefit from the short working hours and leave at 3 p.m.!

10. Every supermarket will have a dates and Arabic sweets tent

Oh diet… where art thou?