Life is expensive, like, really expensive. To live the way you want to is to break your bank account day in, day out before the second week of the month even dares approaching.

Many people are always on the lookout for new spots and hubs around the corner, and for a country as big as Egypt, the corners are endless.

Take a look at what you could be spending your next weekend doing in Egypt, while keeping most of your cash unspent.

1. Monastery of Saint Simon the Tanner

St. Samaan - as known in Arabic - is one of the oldest monasteries in Egypt.  The Coptic monastery, carved inside the Mokattam Mountain in Cairo, is considered one of the biggest temples in Egypt as it can hold up to 20,000 people.

2. El Hussein and Moez street

Cairo, Egypt
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The heart and soul of Cairo lay in the streets of El Hussein and Moez, where you can take a relaxed walk, explore the ancient heritage of Egyptian mosques, and browse vintage stores and merchandise.

When you get tired of all the walking and exploring, rest your mind and body at one of the neighborhood's cafés. Cool down in a vintage spot like El Fishawy or Naguib Mahfouz Café and absorb all of the city's spirit. 

3. Sakakini Palace

Sakakini palace, Egypt
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Built in 1897, the Sakakini Palace is considered one of the oldest palaces in Egypt. A group of Italian architects were hired by Habib Sakakini - who demanded for a building in Italy to be replicated in Egypt under the form of this palace - to build it in - what is now named after him - Sakakini square in Cairo. 

If you're a photography enthusiast, the trip is going to be worthy, as you're guaranteed to capture great shots of the palace and its entourage.

4. Cairo Citadel

Egypt, Cairo, Cairo Citadel
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Salah Al-Din, sultan of Egypt, ordered for El Qa'laa (the citadel) to be built to fortify Cairo as a city. 

Located on Salah Salem Street, the 12th-century fortress is considered a historic site containing museums and three main mosques (Mohamed Ali Pasha, Soliman Pasha, and Al Nassir Mohammed).

Visiting this place makes way for a great energetic outing filled with extensive historical information and excellent pictures.

5. Nile cruise

Nile, Cairo, Nile cruise
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The weekend is approaching and you have no clue what to do? Even if the Nile isn't a new sight for you to see, rent a felucca (small boat) and explore the river from a fresh pair of eyes. 

Get your friends or family and go on a cruise at night ... the breeze and city lights will have you fall in love with Cairo. 

6. Historical Religious Complex

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Mogamaa El Adyan (the religious complex) has the enchanting sounds of church bells and athan (Islamic call to prayer) make the visit a purely spiritual experience. 

Located in Old Cairo, the complex embodies all three monotheistic religions and puts together their respective monuments one next to the other.

7. Horseback riding near the pyramids

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This could be somewhat costly, but it all depends on the bundle you pick. Whichever it may be, the scenery and weather will make it all worth it.

It's not only exclusive to horses as there are camels and carriage rides to rent as well. The spot is also great for pictures and buying souvenirs.

8. Wust El-Balad

Cairo, Downtown Cairo, Wust El Balad, Egypt
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This area holds such a special place in everyone's heart. From tourists to residents, anyone who sets foot in Wust El-Balad (downtown) falls in love with its nostalgic movie theaters and old buildings.

You can swing by El-Abd or Kouider for a sweet treat, or simply unwind in one of the area's old cafés for a refreshing cup of mint tea.

9. Urban Cinema

Speaking of Wust El-Balad, you can't possibly miss the chance of checking out the new addition to the area's movie theaters ... Urban Cinema

Film lovers can now enjoy a killer view of the city while watching a movie on a rooftop. High above the crowded streets of downtown, Urban Cinema is the first open-air theatre in Egypt. Check their social media for screening nights. 

10. Aisha Fahmy Palace

Source: Cairo Scene

Once a forgotten gem until its renovation in 2017, the Aisha Fahmy Palace - built in 1907 by Italian architect Antonio Lasciac - is located near the Nile river in Zamalek. 

It's currently managed by the Ministry of Culture's Fine Arts Department and has its doors open to the public - who will get the chance to marvel on the 30-room mansion's architectural wonder.