From radiant hues to deep burgundy, shades of red are all the rage this season... and, well, all year long. This comes as no surprise since the color is notably associated with love, warmth, and comfort, along with intense emotions.

As Arabs, the color has a unique place in various aspects of our lives, majorly appearing in our cuisine, household staples, traditional attire, as well as our national flags.

Arabs are pretty much in love with red, here's proof: 

Let's start off with Arab cuisine:

1. Is it really a Ramadan iftar without Jallab?

2. Lest we forget about Vimto

3. Sumac is basically our version of "the cherry on top"

Source: Biberdunyasi

Now, off to Arab household staples:

4. You know it's officially winter when mama rolls out her favorite red Persian carpets

5. And fluffy blankets like this one

6. It's no coincidence that Shisha molasses is usually red

Then there's traditional Arab attire:

7. The Palestinian Keffiyeh

Source: Yalla Art.

8. The Khaleeji headdress

9. The Tarboush

Still unconvinced? Take a look at Arab flags:

10. The flags of 19 out of 22 Arab countries include some shade of red

Source: Pinterest

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