There's nothing more entertaining than Arab weddings. We've all had our fair share of annoyances, that's for sure. Getting asked when you're going to be next is probably the worst of all.

But, there is something about the weddings that really makes them stick out. These 10 things make Arab weddings as unique as can be and there's no way to outrun them, ever.

1. The bride and groom getting carried by random wedding guests

And you just sit there scared to death that the couple will fall and break a bone.

2. The groom's mom impressing everyone with her zalghouta/zaghrouta skills

And you just wonder who will be doing that for you on your wedding day.

3. Doing the dabke ... making it look so easy

4. Gossip... before, during and after the wedding

This is a must. It starts with them bashing the venue... because it may be too far or too small. Then the criticism of the food being served, as if you're the one cooking the food with your own hands. And of course, talking about how "not pretty" the bride looked and saying things like "he is more good looking than her" or vice versa.

5. Getting asked who you are, what you do, if you're involved with someone because... well marriage proposals

6. Getting told 3a'belik/3a'belak more times than you can remember

7. A belly dancer entertaining the guests...

And you just sit there watching how old men are reacting.

8. Being forced to dance...

This is just annoying. I know that sometimes we all need a little push, but being pulled to get on the dance-floor to show off your non-existent dancing skills is pretty frustrating. You end up clapping a bit, and rushing back to the table.

9. Someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing grabs all the attention

And it just makes you go: "If I only had the courage to let loose."

10. Being served all kinds of juices, water and soda in a wine glass