Ah, those beautiful, old and majestic days of Ancient Egypt. Here's 10 things that we wish were true happening.

 1. Women had power

Ancient Egyptian women had economical, legal and social power and equality compared to other women in the ancient world. They were able to purchase property, conduct business deals and initiate divorce.

2. Shaved heads

To stay cool throughout the year, both ancient Egyptian men and women used to shave their heads. Wealthy Egyptians would wear wigs using human hair while the poorer part of the civilization worse wigs made of vegetable fiber or wool. No parent was screaming at their daughter for cutting their hair short.

3. The Ma'at concept

The Ma'at concept, which is also the name of the Goddess of Truth, was help in the highest regards in ancient Egypt and it stands for justice to all and honesty by all.

4. Sacred cats

Ancient Egyptians were known to be the first ever to have household pets. Pets were usually cats and killing them, even accidentally, was enough to have people executed .

5. Break from work for menstrual cramps

Ancient Egyptian men were often allowed to take time off work in order to take care of their wives and daughters when they had the monthly visit from a horrible friend.

6. Board games

Ancient Egyptians really did love having fun. Beer was an actual currency paid to pyramid workers, and ancient Egyptian men and women would gather up in groups and spends nights on end play board games and generally, getting drunk. The most popular game at the time was called "Senet," which consisted off throwing sticks, in a similar fashion of throwing dice, to calculate how many squares to move a wooden piece forward.

7. Animal behavior awareness

In ancient times, baboons were studied and trained for practical use and companionship. Their ability to climb proved to be useful for picking fruits, nuts and dates. Baboons were also associated with the God of the Sun and had some connection with God Hapy, who was believed to be the son of God Horus.

8. The Night of the Tear Drop festival

Ancient Egyptians believed that the tears cried by Goddess Isis made the Nile River overflow every year. In order to celebrate the overflowing of the Nile, the Night of the Tear Drop festival came about. Ancient Egyptians would take to the the streets to dance, sing, socialize, eat scrumptious fruits and drink heavily for the night to honor the Goddess.

9. Open sexuality

Contrary to popular belief, ancient Egyptians were pretty open about sexuality and sexual intimacy was a big part of their lives. Ancient Egyptian drawings depicts various sexual acts between single and married couples along with homosexuality and masturbation. Point being: Sex was not perceived as a "taboo."

10. Understanding of literature

Ancient Egyptians had a love for poetry, metaphors and sayings. Poems written by Ancient Egyptians were often seen carved in hieroglyphs on walls. For example, the famous excerpt from the " Papyrus of Ani " manuscript in which it reads:

I am the woman who lights the darkness I have come to light the darkness It is twice lit I have lightened the darkness I have overthrown the destroyers I have adored those in darkness I have lifted up those who weep who hid their faces who had sunk down who looked upon me I am a woman