Alexandria is a buzzing northern Egyptian port city on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded in 331 BCE by Alexander the Great, hence its name. 

Throughout the years, it's grown from a small port town to become the grandest and most important metropolis in Greco-Roman Egypt.  

Fast-forward to modern times, the warm coastal city continues to attract many visitors, as it's a perfect summer destinations in Egypt. But, visiting Alexandria for the first time can shock people sometimes.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Alexandrian terminology vs. Egyptian terminology!

Source: ra2ej

The accent battle never ends, because Alex!

2. The humidity!

3. We have our own kind of grammar!

Alexandrian: "We are going out, wanna come?"

Egyptian: "Who's 'we?!' There's only you!"

Alexandrian pointing at himself: "Yes we are going out!"

Egyptian: "Sigh, it's that accent again!"

4. Alexandrians and the sea are inseparable!

Well... not all of them!

5. Alexandrians who can't swim never fail to confuse the rest of us

Egyptians be like: "How dare you call yourself Alexandrian?!"

6. Pedestrians walking the street in their wet swimsuits is a common sight in summer!

Yes, it confuses us as well! 

7. Even though it's a coastal city, the fish is still ridiculously expensive!

Source: Youtube

Which is why you will hear locals saying it has been months since the last time they had fish! 

8. We use 'A7eeh' all the time and it's totally fine!

It just means 'OMG!' people. Calm down! 

9. We can say 'Ged3an' once every 5 seconds


The word, which means 'chivalrous' or 'strong,' is used all the time as a synonym for 'people,' because again it's Alex! 

10. 3omaret El 3afarit never fails to add to the thrill of the visit!

The infamous haunted building has been freaking people out in Alexandria and beyond. You've been warned! --- that's if you believe in such things in the first place!