No matter how far away you try to drift from your roots, some Arab traits will always remain stuck to you forever and ever and ever... 

Even if you live in the most European of countries, you know there are certain things you will always identify with if you've been blessed with Middle-Eastern hair.

Here are 10 struggles you've definitely gone through:

1. It's always, always frizzy

Even if you're the most hopeful person in life and pray daily for tamed hair, it will always be frizzy. Relating to people who blame humidity for their crazy hair is a foreign concept to you. 

Your bathroom cabinet? Probably filled with anti-frizz treatments that don't work. 

2. You've tried over a million hair oil combinations

Okay, maybe not a million, but something of that sort. 

While your mom swears olive oil will make your hair look like you're in a commercial, it's suddenly your fault if it doesn't work... because you didn't leave it in long enough. 

3. Getting a hairdo takes 2-3 business days

You might occasionally thank your lucky star for your thick hair, but a unique agony accompanies every visit to the hair salon.

There's a chance you had a breakdown at one of them at least once in your lifetime and left unsatisfied at least a dozen times.

4. You’ve had your fair share of arguments with coiffures about treatments

Should I cut it every two to three months or never cut it at all? Should I get a hair mask or grow a jungle? 

No hairdresser will agree on one treatment, but they all swear this one particular product - one they own - will completely transform your hair. 

5. The mere thought of dying it feels like a national atrocity

'To dye your hair or not to' was probably a decision that was tougher than choosing to get married. 

When you announced your final decision to your mom, she probably shed a few tears and reminded you for the 17th time that you will regret it. 

6. You've had henna "hair dye" at least once

White people are yet to discover this Middle-Eastern beauty hack, but Arabs have been dying their hair with henna since forever. 

Some swear it's their secret ingredient behind long luscious hair, but the mesmerizing purple-ish look is honestly enough reason to get it. 

7. Your mom says braiding it after a shower will make it thicker and longer

Some Arab women refuse to admit they've been genetically gifted with good hair. Instead, a lot of them will tell you it's all about small hacks like braiding the hair after a shower or waiting precisely 15 minutes to blow dry it. 

8. You’ve always been low-key jealous of your friends with straight and smooth hair

You've daydreamt about what it would be like to step out of the shower, comb your hair, and move on with your life afterwards. 

Then your frizzy hair bursts your bubble... because you're Arab. 

9. YouTube hair tutorials make you feel like you’re from another planet

Even if you follow the full tutorial, step by step, your hair will in no way be similar to the YouTubers'. 

Just close your laptop and give it up, sis. 

10. You can never get the cute bob cut

Or any other short hair style for that matter.