Being an animal enthusiast in Egypt - a country that has almost no enforced animal laws - can be a really big problem. 

You don't need to visit a farm or a pet shop to see the injustices being committed, you just need to look out the window. 

If you love animals and live in Egypt, then you will definitely relate to these 10 struggles.

1. Trying to convince people that animals have feelings too...

... and that they should be treated as sentient beings. This usually prompts suspicious looks that scream judgement. 

2. When you have to hide your heartbreak after your pet dies

A part of you dies when your pet passes, but don't tell anybody that because animals aren't suppose to mean anything to us, right? 

Most people outright dismiss your feelings about animals and don't even attempt to understand what sort of bond you shared with your furry friend. 

Your tears are often met with: "It was just a dog, it's not like your brother died!"

3. The horrors of Eid Al-Adha

For us animal lovers, the sheep sacrifices that come with Eid only mean one thing: stay indoors and keep your curtains drawn.  

4. The Giza Zoo

Black bears at the Giza Zoo in Egypt Source: greenprophet

The saddest place on earth.

5. When you have to treat sick animals using human medication...

because there really is no other option. 

6. Being known as the person obsessed with animals in your social group and family

It's not far from the truth. 

7. There isn't enough time in the day to cuddle all the stray animals you meet

You have more than enough love to share ... there just isn't enough time! 

8. When people try to shame you into helping people in need instead of animals

 Can't we help both? Can't we all just get along? 

9. Being that one person constantly helping re-home animals

Everybody on your social media page hates you because you almost exclusively post about animals in need.  

10. Seeing problematic animal owners everywhere you go

People who don't do their homework on pets and/or farm animals are seriously the stuff of nightmares. They're not machines for God's sake!